My girlfiends... 

It is a dream: a hot intermezzo with two women, a lovely ménage-à-trois.


I enjoy it very much to have a second lady around and make your wildest dreams come true.


I know my girlfriends and they are very pleasant ladies.

They are intelligent, sexually very open-minded and have great personalities

Escort Service Germany

Patricia is an elegant and fun-loving lady. She is every man´s dream.

She is not only an icon, she is also a sensual sweetheart and a refined seductress.

Patricia lives in Frankfurt. With enough time for planning your date, she travels, just like me, to the end of the world for a wonderful adventure.

The Icone

Independent Escort Hamburg

Luisa and I are almost neighbours. We get along very well and we both have a lot of fun flirting with the men here in the north. She is an eloquent and stylish young woman.

With her you can laugh, philosophize and really burn of energy...

The Powergirl

Escort Service Germany

Alice is an entertaining and passionate young lady. She is a Miss Sunshine, without allures and she is incredibly relaxed and easygoing.

With this escort lady you can spend unforgettable moments.

Spicy, elegant and kinky - that's Alice.

The Authentic